Environment Assessment

Office Ergonomics and Environment

  • LUX Testing (Light Levels)
  • Office and Workspace Layout
  • Thermal Comfort 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Noise and Vibration



Airclean Environmental analyse and test the office workspace for environmental and ergonomic factors that can affect employees health and productivity.

The environment in which we work can affect occupant’s productivity, and  health.  An environment assessment investigates physical factors that make the work space a pleasant and safe place to be.

Employers and people who manage non-domestic buildings have a responsibility to ensure that the workspace does not pose a health risk to employees.

An Environmental test will inspect and analyse environmental factors to ensure that occupants can work comfortably and achieve good productivity.

Light Levels

Light requirements in the buildings can vary depending on the tasks being carried out.  Close up work such as writing, or wiring can require brighter direct light, than an area such as a corridor where occupants are simply  walking. 

Workspace Layout

The design of workspaces will vary depending on room use and traffic.  Workspace Layout should offer occupants suitable space to carry out tasks  without distraction.  This may include factors such as desk positions, walk ways and equipment locations.

Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort is made up of factors including temperature, air velocity, and humidity.  Thermal comfort is a common complaint in buildings where occupants are affected by drafts, or radiant temperatures from radiators or air conditioning.


The design of a workstation should suit the occupant’s tasks and should offer comfort over prolonged periods of time.  This will include the seating or standing position of the occupant and their required tools within their workspace.


Long term exposure to noisy environments can damage hearing and suitable PPE should be used.  Noise in “Quieter Environments” can also cause distraction and affect an occupant’s ability to work productively.

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